Community Groups Propose Deporter-in-Chief Exhibit for Obama Library

Groups have started accepting contributions for exhibit

Chicago - Due to President Obama’s unwillingness to act on immigration, community groups, and undocumented immigrants have started accepting contributions for a Deporter-in-Chief Exhibit for the future Obama Presidential Library & Museum. 

On Wednesday, September 23, a group of over 100 people gathered outside of the Barack Obama Foundation to contribute memorabilia from marches, banners, and pictures of loved ones who have been deported due to President Obama’s deportation policies.


Enlace’s Executive Director Michael Rodriguez was one of the contributors, donating a banner that reads “Stop Deportations” from the November 4 civil disobedience where over 100 people were arrested outside of the Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement office (ICE), “President Obama has deported over 2 million people during his 7 years in office, which is part of his legacy and should not be ignored.”

Recently the Barack Obama Foundation announced the finalists for President Barack Obama’s Presidential Library and Museum. Two of the finalists are in Chicago - the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Should the President fail to use his executive power to stop deportations, the community groups believe that Obama's future Library & Museum should include an exhibit documenting Obama's appalling legacy of broken immigration promises and two million deportations.

“Even though I try to fill the void my husband left, it is impossible. My children are suffering and growing up without a father,” said Carolina Riviera, husband was deported in 2011 and contributed a picture of her family to the deporter-in-chief exhibit.

Individuals affected by President Obama's two million deportations are being asked to submit pictures of deported loved ones, banners and posters used at anti-deportation rallies, personal stories, and other memorabilia documenting Obama's deportation legacy. Contributions to the deporter-in-chief exhibit are being accepted at

"It's not too late for the President to reverse course and announce an administrative relief to deportations," said Lawrence Benito, ICIRR’s CEO. "But if Obama fails to act on administrative relief he will cement his legacy as the Deporter-in-Chief."

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